To avoid problems and make better decisions, use this checklist BEFORE you make a purchase. 

Decide in advance exactly what you want and what you can afford.

Don‘t buy on impulse or under pressure. Do your research, analyze what you need and what product or service features are important to you.

Review product test results and other information from consumer experts.

Get advice and price quotes from several sellers. Compare stores - this way you can get a feel for the market and can calmly decide on how much you want to pay.

Check for any extra charges, such as delivery fees, installation and service costs.

Read and understand any contract or legal document you are asked to sign. Make sure there are no blank spaces. Insist that any extras you are promised orally be put in writing.

Ask the sales persons to explain the store’s return or exchange policy.

Resist sales pressure. If you have done your research properly, you will be less influenced by a sales pitch.

Take your time when shopping. You can always go home and think about it first before making a major purchase.


When you buy food products check the labels for the following details:


Net contents

Name and address of the manufacturer

Date of manufacture – use before, best before, expiry date

Batch Number

Certification of standard such as Agmark, FPO

Symbols such as – vegetarian (green dot), non-vegetarian (brown dot) food

Instructions for use and storage

Name and address of the Indian importer in case of imported food products